Head Lice Clinic Treatment Reviews

NitNOT was opened by a mum called Eileen, who discovered that if she lived in the USA she could have found a head lice treatment centre close by. However in the UK this was not the case.

Eileen has trained in several countries and had her methods approved by leading experts. Using various processes in her head lice treatment centre, Eileen and her team can assure clients that within two to three appointments (depending on the age of infestation of the head lice), the nightmare will be over and the head lice and nits will be eradicated.

NitNOT will also take time to explain the best ways of preventing head lice, eggs and nits.

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Excellent service, we have been trying with our three teenage girls to get rid of lice since Christmas. The ladies really put us all at ease and made us feel very comfortable. We bought a bottle of treatment for my sisters daughter who is at bording school and this also worked. So all round delighted.

Emily Hayward

Following this morning’s appointment with you I’m still feeling celebratory! I wanted to thank you again so much for your advice and checking today – and I also wanted to say that I felt you should have charged more for today’s check – it took ages and you were so thorough! I will be recommending you for definite!

Ms L

Thank you so much for taking care of my hair and for lovely chat. Slept like a log last night.

Mrs U

Highly recommend this hair lice removal service on Google reviews


Very knowledgable technician


It was lovely to meet you today. Thank you for taking taking the time to check my hair and for putting my mind at ease! I think you do a fantastic job and offer a brilliant service. You also made me feel very welcome. I will definitely recommend you to family, friends, colleagues and my school contacts. Enjoy the rest of your Easter


Superb service!! Eileen was very professional and friendly – we would highly recommend Nitnot!! Pete, Lisa and kids


I was so very touched by this wornderful and heart felt testimonial. This is why I adore my job. I have never had so much satisfaction in my work life as I do right now. I am so very honoured to have met this great family. My husband and I have 2 daughters who are 10 and 8. Our eldest daughter has high functioning autism and we have been struggling with head lice since she was about 3. Due to sensory issues she hates having her hair touched by anyone other than herself including regular brushing and styling so dealing with the headlice was very difficult. My daughter will wash and nit comb her own hair but the infestation remained severe even with washing and combing every two days and frequently using a variety of shop brought treatments. I had previously considered using another company but the cost was too far out of reach for us. We had come to the stage where we were considering going to the doctors to ask for a sedative so that our daughters head could be shaved. I know this sounds harsh but the bath and shower water were turning brown due to the lice and waste products. My daughter refused to brush or comb the underneath of her hair resulting in her becoming severely bitten, losing skin and the area starting to smell. I messaged Eileen at Nitnot one evening when I was absolutely at my wits end in term of managing my eldest daughter’s hygiene and behaviour. Eileen replied straight away even though it was late at night and provided reassurance that we would get on top of the issue. I hadn’t at this point told Eileen about my daughter’s autism. Eileen was able to see us on the first May bank holiday which was ideal as both myself and my husband work full time. Eileen reassured us prior to the appointment and answered all of my daughter’s concerns via messenger. Eileen sent us a photo of the salon and offered to close the blinds. On the day, Eileen was very welcoming, with a tablet available for the children, biscuits and drawing and colouring. Eileen explained everything clearly and put us at ease. My youngest daughter went first, for some reason headlice don’t particularly like her so the infestation was minimal. It also helps that she will let me do her hair. I went second and Mya chose to go last. Eileen explained what she was doing and told us about the dimethidicone. We were all made to feel very relaxed and the appointment was completely non-judgemental. The appointment lasted approximately 3 hours between the 3 of us. Eileen booked a follow up on the 29th of May for no extra charge and send us home with a comb and dimethidicone (again no charge) so that we could break the cycle of the headlice’s reproduction. The improvement, the solution, the eradication was instant! From that first appointment there have been no live headlice. And through bath, showers and combing what was left has been coming out so only egg cases remain. My daughter kept saying “I’m not itchy”, “There’s no headlice in my pillow”, “The water isn’t brown”. “I can brush my hair really easily”, “Mum, why aren’t my nails dirty?”. She finds it hard to believe that she no longer has head lice. She has taken greater pride in her appearance and asked to go shopping for cleanser, toner and moisturiser and also has some new clothes. The improvement in her behaviour is amazing. She can become very aggressive and this has a number of triggers but I was convinced that one of these was the discomfort caused by the head lice and the stress that this caused. We visited Eileen again last week and turned it into a mini holiday with a two night stay at a local Travelodge. There was no stress or anxiety about going back and we all definitely made ourselves comfortable! Eileen confirmed that there were no live head live present and my daughter sat in the chair for 45 minutes whilst Eileen treated, hoovered and combed to get rid of the waste products. This time the appointment was only 2 hours long for the three of us. Over half term we had 6 consecutive days without a meltdown which I think is a record! We can’t wait for the dimethidicone to rinse out properly from our hair, it takes a few washes but it is worth it! We all have haircuts booked for the end of the month and my daughter continues to take pride in her appearance. My husband who we love very much but is not the most observant has even commented that he thinks her behaviour has improved massively! If we could afford it we would have given Eileen a huge tip! This service is worth at least twice what we paid but I hope that we were able to express our thanks through the maltesers! We hope not to use NitNot again but if needed would do so without hesitation. I believe that the UK could crack the headlice problem if there was less stigma, high street salons and more Eileens! A huge thank you from us.


We are incredibly grateful to Eileen who treated our family (2 adults, a 2.5y girl and a 5m baby) professionally and kindly. She gave us good advice about bedding, fluffy toys, hair brushes etc and kindly offered us another appointment free of charge when we were concerned we still had lice. Thankfully we were free of lice and eggs but she gave us another treatment anyway to put my mind at rest. We have bought her product for future use and could not recommend her services more.

Mr H