NitNot Terms & Conditions


We accept all major credit cards and cash, cheques are not accepted. We are not vat registered but can supply and e-ivoice post payment. Payment is made at the end of the appointment and before the customer leaves

Post Screening

If after screening nymph stage live head lice are found in the hair up to eight days prior to the screening, NitNOT will deduct the cost of the screening from any treatments that NitNOT conduct. (A nymph is a newly hatched head louse that has not reached adult stage when the head louse is able to produce eggs).

Post Treatment

If Viable (live) head lice and eggs are found on the hair of a customer that has been treated by NitNOT within seven days, we will screen and re-apply serum at no additional cost.
Further to seven days and no more than fourteen there is evidence of viable eggs and head lice we will screen at no charge to investigate if the hair has been re infested or if we missed viable head lice and eggs.

If it is concluded that it is a re-infestation we are not obliged to treat, but as a gesture of goodwill we will only charge £20 for a further re-application of the serum treatment.

If it is concluded that it is our liability will treat conduct a full treatment up to sixty minutes and include the follow up appointment free of charge.

By removing viable head lice and eggs we cannot guarantee that a customer will not be re-infested.
NitNOT always highly recommend that the whole family be screened at the same time to prevent re-infestation.

Every tool is cleaned and sterilised before using on any customer. We operate exceptional hygeine standards pre and post appointments. Giving our customers peace of mind that they are being treated with the upmost care and respect.

Our treatment and our precision combs are register by the MHRA and approved as a medical device grade One

Our NitNOT serum is non toxic, hypoallergenic. In some very unusual circumstances a light rash or itchiness may arise but this is transient and will pass. If a customer is allergice to standard shampoos and conditioners then it is advised that we use a wet comb method with our wet combing solution that is water and organic Aloe Vera based.

NitNOT use our registered medical device comb that has precision 0.1 teeth for efficient and precise removal of viable head lice, eggs and nits.

We guarantee will kill and/or remove all viable head lice and eggs. It is important to note that nits (white empty shell – non viable) harmless nits may be present in the hair after treatment. This can be assessed at the follow up appointment. If additional combing is required NitNOT charge per half hour at the rate advertised on our prices and service page.

Please note every case of head lice is different and we will endeavour to remove as many nits as possible during treatment. It is very much dependant on the level of infestation.

NitNOT recommend that the vacuum device that customer must be able to relay any discomfort as a general rule we find that six years and up is appropriate.

We understand that it is very difficult for people to sometimes not be able to keep appointment but we do ask that you give us twenty four hours notice minimum.

All NitNOT staff are covered by full medical malpractice insurance, fully trained and background checked by police DBS criminal records.

We will not be able to conduct a treatment on any scalp that has a skin infection or has broken skin.

Requirements, recommendations and advice before and after treatment.

Prior to treatment and screening

It is advisable to make an appointment a minimum of seven days after any head lice treatment has been applied, as in some cases this will make it very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. Especially in early or light infestations
Hair needs to be tangle and knot free to make optimum time of the appointment.

The serum that is applied during treatment will need to be washed out at home. There is no restrictions on time as the serum will have killed the lice and eggs during the treatment process.

It is recommended that to wash out the serum, it is best to use washing up liquid (for dishes in the sink) as this will wash the serum in the hair away quicker than standard shampoos.

When applying the washing up liquid please massage in thoroughly for at least a minute, if the hair does not lather, apply a second application to the hair. Follow with normal shampoo and conditioner.

Please be very cautious after washing hair as it can make baths, showers and sinks a slip hazard. Use a household cleaning product to clear away any residue before entering a shower, bath or anywhere that the serum may be.

Pillow cases, duvet covers and towels are advised to be put through a normal wash.

If soft toys are used put to one side out of the reach for forty eight hours

Preventing further infestations

Keep hair tied down, pony tails should be in the nape of the neck and not high on the head. French plaits are a very good hairstyle to keep longer hair close to the head. Buns are also a good hairstyle.

Do not share hairbrushes

In the winter keep hats and scarves in the sleeves of the coat while at school

Prevention sprays have very little evidence that they work, but if you do choose to use these products please re apply during the day as they tend to evaporate when heads get hot.

Try not to feel embarrassed about head lice they are a very common problem in schools and are the most likely thing your child will pick up after the common cold. Being open with schools, friends and families will help your child not to get them back again.

Our Clinic address is NitNOT 67a Marlowes Court, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1LE

For any further information please email or phone 01442 388879